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There is a perennial herb genus called Ferula exudes a particular type of sap from its taproot. That sap is a dried latex or resin that is called asafoetida. This plant is native to Iran and the Middle East, but it is found as far as India, where it is widely cultivated. Although the smell of the plant is quite pungent, when used in cooking and food preparation, the taste and aroma is not unlike a leek. Some of the common names for Ferula assa-foetida include asant, Devil’s dung, and ting. The dried variety of asafoetida can be crushed into a spice and added to many different foods, and is commonly found in Indian cuisine, in dressings, glazes, in sautees and as a typical spice. Its pungent smell is usually lessened to a more manageable level when cooked in oil or ghee. It had been used for thousands of years in its native lands, but didn’t cross over into Europe and the West until the 16th century.

However, the real benefit of asafoetida is in the realm of herbal medicine, where it has dozens of common uses. It is composed of approximately 15% volatile oils, including ferulic acid, certain tannols, and a variety of other active components that contribute to the health benefits regularly recorded as a result of consumption. For this reason, asafoetida has become quite popular in the west as an alternative treatment to many common ailments.

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